Campus Poster Run

The Poster Run is available for CSU departments, offices, and registered student organizations, and events they sponsor as well as off-campus organizations. Space is limited, so advance reservations are highly encouraged. To reserve a space, apply for a spot using our online form, contact the Campus Information Managers at, or stop by and see us at the LSC Information Desk.

  • Size: 11” x 17” or larger (additional cost)
  • Quantity: 25
  • Approval: submit to Campus Information desk in the LSC for approval
  • Run time: There are no restrictions on the number of times an organization may reserve a Poster Run spot during a semester; however, an organization may reserve only two spots per run (per week). Also, organizations can only reserve a maximum of two consecutive weeks per poster because of the high demand for spot reservations. You or your department may not reserve a Poster Run if there are any outstanding invoices.
  • Cost: a service fee of $25 for posters 11” x 17” or smaller. If the poster is larger than 11” x 17”, the sponsor must pay for two spaces for a total of $50. Posters larger than 17”x22” will not be accepted. A $50 payment is required for posters to remain for more than four weeks. Payment must be made at the time of reservation.
  • Checks must be payable to ‘Campus Information’ and IOs must be payable to ‘Campus Activities.’ Once you have submitted your payment you must fill out the Campus Information Payment Form that will be sent to you by the Campus Information Manager upon reservation and deliver the form along with your posters and payment to the Campus information desk. Posters without a Campus Information payment form will not be accepted.
  • The name of the CSU organization or department MUST be PRINTED on each poster. We will not accept handwritten additions of a sponsoring organization’s or department’s name. Posters should include the date, time, location, and price of the event, if and where applicable.
  • Reservation: reserve online at
  • Submission: posters must be delivered to the Campus Information desk by Thursday 12 p.m. for the following week’s poster run
    Contact: CoLab, LSC, 491-5402
If you choose not to go forward with your poster run reservation, you must cancel 48 hours prior to the due date (Thursdays at noon). If you do not make the cancelation this far in advance, you will still be required to pay the reservation fee.

Lory Student Center Display Cases

Locked display cases are available throughout the Lory Student Center and reach over 20,000 visitors per day. Only registered student organizations and University departments may reserve display cases.

Residence Hall Billboards

  • Guidelines: secure a Posting/Publicity Permit by submitting a copy of what will be posted (this copy will be kept on file) to the Office of Residence Life, 111 Palmer Center. Posted material must adhere to the Residence hall guidelines for posting:
    • Avoid the use of obscene language or illustrations
    • Be sensitive to social concerns such as sexism and racism
    • Don’t include promotion of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs
    • Corporate sponsorship and/or logos are permitted on posters ONLY when clearly designated as financial sponsor
  • Bring your own push pins/staplers to post materials
  • Approval/Submission: because space is limited and varies from hall to hall, contact each hall front desk to have your advertisements initialed and for instructions as to where advertisements may be posted
  • Contact: Housing and Dining Services, Office of Residence Life, Room 111, Palmer Center, 491-4721

Posting in Academic or Administrative Buildings

  • Guidelines: to post in academic or administrative buildings or outside you must comply with the guidelines below:
    • Be sponsored by an official University agency or registered student organization
    • Clearly display the name of the sponsoring group
    • Display an expiration date (usually the event date)
    • All items posted inside academic buildings must be posted on bulletin boards
    • Do not tape flyers to windows
    • Use masking tape as other kinds of tape are difficult to remove
  • The only outdoor areas approved for posting are poster frames and bulletin boards on the Clark Building’s exterior walls and columns
  • Banners may be hung from the balcony on the west side of the Clark Building A-wing on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Run time: posters must be removed within three days after the expiration date by sponsoring department
  • Submission and Contact: Facilities Management, 491-0108

Athletics – Moby Arena and Hughes Stadium

  • Media rights inside and outside all athletic venues are held in partnership by the Athletics department and Rams Sports Properties, including all corporate signage.
  • For information on purchasing signage, contact Dani Belinski with Rams Sport Properties at 970- 491-4027
  • Posters and banners are not permitted inside or outside any athletic venue without the expressed permission of the athletics department in advance
  • Contact: send all inquiries regarding posters or banners to the attention of Sara Ray ( and Kerry Wright (

Ads @ The Rec Program

Digital and Poster Advertising in the Student Recreation Center

The following spaces within the Student Recreation Center can be reserved by university departments to promote their programs and events:

(5) 11×17” posters in designated acrylic holders within the workout spaces at the Rec Center.

  • $20 one week
  • $35 two weeks
  • Vertical (portrait) orientation
  • Max of 2 weeks (per ad)
  • Reservations are required to run an ad and must be made at least one full week in advance. Payment and material drop-off is due the Thursday prior to the scheduled run (ads run Monday – Monday) at the Student Recreation Center Service Center desk. Spaces fill up fast, so early reservations are recommended. Reservations open one month prior to the start of classes (i.e. fall semester reservations open in July). No ads are offered over the summer.
  • Email or Brittany Heiring ( for full program information, and to reserve your space.

(1) 16:9 (1920x1080px) ad on the digital screen wall located on the east wall of the main lobby.

  • $25 one week
  • $45 two weeks
  • Vertical (portrait) orientation
  • Max of 2 weeks (per ad)

Digital & Poster Combo (5 posters + digital screen ad)

  • $40 one week
  • $75 two weeks
  • Vertical (portrait) orientation
  • Max of 2 weeks (per ad)

TILT Bulletin Board

  • The TILT building has a bulletin board for University events related to learning and teaching
  • Contact: Peter Connor, 491-5277

Community Posters – Poster It

  • “Poster It” serves Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Cheyenne, Estes Park, and Denver. The company puts up posters, manages them, removes and recycles them.
  • Size: 11 x 17″ (or smaller)
  • Guidelines: posters must be designed and printed by the client
  • Submission: printed posters must be delivered to 130 S. Whitcomb St., Fort Collins, by Thursday at 8:00 p.m. the week before distribution. Posters are placed on a space available basis, locations vary and distribution may take two weekly rounds to entirely place. Advance notice is appreciated. Submission Form must be emailed to Nancy York and printed/attached to posters at drop-off.
  • Cost:
    • Fort Collins $1.20 per poster (maximum 100 posters)
    • Loveland 50 posters $75
    • Greeley 50 posters $75
    • Longmont (includes Berthoud) 50 posters $75
    • Estes Park 50 posters $80
    • Cheyenne 50 posters $75
    • Laramie 50 posters $75
    • Rural (LaPorte, Wellington, 70 posters $160
    • Windsor, Berthoud)
    • Individual towns 20 posters $40
    • Johnstown, Milliken 20 posters $40
    • Hwy 85 (Nunn, Pierce, Ault, 50 posters $75
    • Eaton, Severance, Timnath)
    • Denver $2.00 ea. (maximum 200 posters)
    • Boulder 50 posters $75
    • Boulder: CU and “The Hill” 55 posters $75
    • Louisville/ Lafayette 25 posters $50
    • Nederland 20 posters $50
    • Multi-Month posters: $0.50 x # of posters x # of extra months
    • Larger posters: $0.50 added per poster and $1 added per poster larger than 17×22
    • * 5% off for using recycled paper, paper that can be recycled, and includes the recycle symbol on the poster
  • Contact: Nancy York
    • 970 482-4852
    • Drop posters off at 130 S. Whitcomb, Fort Collins, CO 80521